Pro-Bite Racing Clutch

ProBite Racing Clutch

Another leading outcome of MCD Racing Engineering; the Pro-Bite Racing Clutch is available. The Pro-Bite is developed to give more power and increased flexibility to the racers on track. Some technical advantages that Pro-bite provides to drivers are on power rapid engagement and quick release. Using clutch discs instead of clutch shoe provides more traction by increasing the contact surface. Clutch discs also reduce the slip that help decreasing the heat on the clutch house considerably.

Another advantage of the Pro-Bite Clutch over the traditional frictional clutches is that the engagement weight do not sustain friction so they don’t wear during the race. As a result a consistent engagement point obtained from the beginning to the end of the race.

The Pro-Bite Racing Clutch is adjustable depending on race conditions. By using an extra shim you can engage at higher RPM. Harder or softer springs and different weight options are also available. Please check the exploded view for more detailed information. 

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