Tuning for Animus

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Tuning for the Animus Truggy und Short Course

New from Helion RC is a full line of hop up accessories for your Animus 18SC and TR.



HLNA0163 Differential Outdrive Cups, Steel (Animus SC/TR) Use the Outdrive Cups with the Aluminium Drive Shafts (HLNA0164) to get a heavy duty drive train.

files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0164_250.jpg HLNA0164 Aluminium Drive Shafts front or rear, Orange (Animus SC/TR) Use the Aluminium Drive Shafts with the  Outdrive Cups(HLNA0163) to get a heavy duty drive train.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0165_250.jpg HLNA0165 Aluminium Battery Strap, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Makes the car stiffer, the aluminium helps to keep the battery cool.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0166_250.jpg HLNA0166 Aluminium Chassis Top Plate, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
The Top Plate makes the car stiffer and easier to drive.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0167_250.jpg HLNA0167 Aluminium Rear Hub Carriers, 2 Deg, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
2 Degree Caster for fast corners, perfect support for the bearings.



HLNA0168 Aluminium Rear Shock Tower, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
HLNA0169 Aluminium Front Shock Tower, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Cool design, solid support for the dampers.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0170_250.jpg HLNA0170 Aluminium Motor Mount, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
The aluminium motor mount helps to keep the motor cooler.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0171_250.jpg HLNA0171 Aluminium Caster Block, 5 Deg, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Front hub with 5 deg. Made of strong aluminium - does not brake - even in a crash!
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0172_250.jpg HLNA0172 Aluminium Wheel Hexes, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Closed linkage to the rims, complete with the shafts.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0173_250.jpg HLNA0173 Aluminium Gear Cover, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Coole design, hard aluminium.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0174_250.jpg HLNA0174 Aluminium Center Driveshaft, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Perfect support for the bearings and the gears
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0175_250.jpg HLNA0175 Aluminium Rear Bumper, Orange (Animus TR)
Cool rear end for the Truggy! for a stiff rear suspension.
files/produktbilder/Helion/Tuning/hlna0176_250.jpg HLNA0176 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink, Orange (Animus SC/TR)
Helps to keep the motor cold.



HLNA0161 Aluminium Front Shocks, Orange (ANIMUS SC/TR)
HLNA0162 Aluminium Rear Shocks, Orange (ANIMUS SC/TR)

Cool design, oil filled for a perfect setup!


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