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Compact and efficient: X-Rotor 40A Micro 4-in-1 controller

Art.Nr.: HW30901076

The 4-in-1 controller has 4 powerful 40A controllers with integrated BEC installed on a compact board. The advantage is the compact dimensions and the simple wiring, perfect for the competition.

More smart features:

  • Amperes and volt in real-time, flight controller can measure and display current in real-time
  • high efficiency combined with fast controller response & low heat generation
  • highquality MOSFETs, ceramic capacitors, 3-in-1 drive ICs
  • original BLHeli-S firmware offers the possibility of a wide range of settings and firmware upgrades
Hobbywing X-Rotor 40A Micro

Swift regulation and piloting: X-Rotor Micro F4 Flight Controller

Art.Nr.: HW31001000

The high computing power of the used MCU allows the flight controller to operate Gyro and PID with higher frequency, the advantage is an even faster regulation and implementation of control commands.

More smart features:

  • supports PWM mode, latest Dshot modes 150/300/600/1200 and also Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and Multishot modes
  • prepared for the use of TF cards for flight data storage
  • BetaFlight software makes setting and changing the parameters possible
  • compatible with the most popular receivers and protocols
  • also as set with X-Rotor 40A micro controller available
X-Rotor Micro F4 Flight Controller

X-Rotor 3-4s blue V1 motor & 30A Micro 2-4s micro controller

Art.Nr.: HW30405406, HW30405407, HW30405405
Art.Nr.: HW30901075

Besides the already presented new arrivals by Hobbywing the 2405-1800KV, 2405-2250KV and 2405-2850KV 3-4s Blue V1 motors shine through escellent product design. Even with fast accelerations the propeller mounting is extremely safe and the housing with integrated fan ensures cooler motor running. Also the hollow steel motor shaft creates lowest weight and the precisely balanced rotor guarantees lowest vibrations.

The 30A Micro 2-4s BLHeli-S DSHOT micro controller guarantees fast response, high efficiency and lower heating of the controller. It supports numerous different modes, which ensure fastest controller response and the best anti-interference performance. With its tiny dimensions and low weight, this controller is especially suited for use in FPV racers.

X-Rotor Motor und Micro Regler

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