Speedmind Transmitter Bags v3.0

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Speedmind Transmitter Bags V3.0 -

Gimme 5! The new ones have arrived...

They do not only sport superb looks but they are also at their best in protecting your valuable radio gear. Speedmind’s new transmitter bags keep your TX free from debris, protect from bumps and just give you that extra bit of safety during transport. No more scratches and dents on your transmitter.

Speedmind takes the transmitter bag business even one step further: The bags simply make your transmitter look cool, with a tie-in nameplate and red seams at the corner.
Have both hands free with the included optional shoulder strap, and store important manuals in the sleeve on the inside. A small nylon box collects small parts. The bags foam cushion provides pits for additional receivers.

Speedmind’s new transmitter bags are the very best in protection and looks for all your radio-gear!

TB602S - Sanwa M11 X 2,4GHz

TB620S - Sanwa MT-4

TB700S - Futaba 4PKS

TB720 - Futaba 4-PL (2,4GHz)

TBM12S - Sanwa M12

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