SKYRC new FPV Racing Frames FX180/210

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The SKYRC FX180 and FX210 FPV racing quadcopter frame is a light weight, super strong and finely tuned airframe design for high performance FPV drone racing. The frame implements 4mm thick unibody main plate and 1.5mm thick top plate, giving you the best of durability and performance.

Multi Function Power Hub, LED Board and Motor Protection Mount are pre-installed.


FX180 Frame

Item No. SK910009


FX210 Frame

Item No. SK910010


Multi Function Power Hub is pre-install in the frame. This Power Hub comes with this functions:

  • BEC with 5V / 3A
  • LED Light Controller
    • Constant onan
    • Blinking 1Hz
    • Blinking 10Hz
    • LED Off
  • Lost Plane finder
    • Buzzer and LED
  • Low voltage alarm
    • 3,4V / 3,5V / 3,6V
  • Micro USB Power Output for Camera

Technical Data


  • FX180 = 81g
  • FX210 = 98g

Frame Size

  • FX180 = 180mm
  • FX210 = 210mm

Recommend Parts

  • Flight Controller: NAZE32 rev6 (SK600100-01)
  • ESC: 20A BLHeli (SK300068-01)
  • Motor: X2204 2300kv (SK400017-01)
  • Propeller: 5030 / 5040
  • Battery: 3S / 1300-1800mAh (min. 40C) or 4S / 1000-1500mAh (min. 50C)
  • Radio: min. 6 Channels

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