Robitronic Fuel Gun

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Robitronic Fuel Gun

The V2 Version (R06114) is updated in this points to the V1 (RS690):
  • New style of the vent tubes. The tubes are now homogeneous in the filling cone. You wont snag at the fueltank - even in fast pit stops!
  • New position of the pistol grip: Now the grip moved forward for a better handling.

For fast fill-ups  for cars 1/8th and 1/10th.

Made of transparent plastic with metall filler.
The handy fuel gun has a fuel quantity scaling with 150ml and can be filled precisely by the rear fuel filler neck.
Vent holes in the filler neck prevents tank overfilling.
For competition drivers how loves quick fuel stops!
  • 165ml tank capacity
  • Transparent plastic body with scaling
  • Conical vent tubes prevents snagging on the tank.
  • Secure sealing with O-rings
  • Ergonomically designed handle

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