MCD RR5 Factory Team EC13 - Release

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MCD RR5 Factory Team “EC’13” Edition

he long wait is finally over, the RR5 EC’13 is here! When will you be able to purchase this racing machine? At which price? And which extras will be included? Here are your answers!



First things first: The MCD RR5 Factory Team EC’13 will be available in a LIMITED EDITION of 100 car kits for preorder. Preordered kits will leave MCD’s factory on


Thursday, 26th of September at around 13:30.


This means, we will get them in our hands about one week later, so you can have your MCD RR5 Factory Team EC’13 LIMITED EDITION at most one week afterwards – that is the 10th of October. If you can’t get ready for next year’s season in time, that’s not our fault then… ;)

“Okay, so how much is it?”

As with everything in life that sports supreme quality, there is a certain price tag attached. MCD’s next generation winner is no exception here. Made from the finest, most race-proven materials, you’ll get everything in the box, that’s required for victory, at a price of


M00513001 - Race Runner 5 Factory Team EC13

MSRP 1.649,- €


M00513002 - Race Runner 5 Factory Team EC13 "Limited"

MSRP 1.999,-€


To tell you honestly: We didn’t try to compete with low-end offers here. We’re focussed on competing and winning right on the track. So, if you’re a distinguished racer too, you’ll understand the true price/performance ratio of this beast.

“What’s included?”

The first batch of 100 of the RR5 Factory Team EC’13 will be “Limited Editions”. So whether you place a preorder yourself or through your dealer now, you’ll get a RR5 EC’13 Limited Edition. Afterwards, any RR5 EC’13 kit shipped will be a regular Factory Team Edition. So, let’s have a look at the kit contents!



M00513001 Race Runner 5 Factory Team EC13    
  • weight optimized and anodized 7075 aluminum chassis
  • weight optimized and anodized 7075 engine mount
  • weight optimized and anodized front and rear shock towers
  • carbon-composite shock bodies with floating-piston system
  • anodized shock caps and preload adjusters
  • rubber-sealed shock shafts and outdrives
  • ball-drive system featuring heavy duty 6mm balls
  • hardened and chrome plated CV-driveshafts front and rear
  • hardened and chrome plated shock shafts and hinge pins
  • carbon-composite radio tray
  • carbon-composite bulkheads
  • carbon-composite hub carriers
  • carbon-composite caster blocks
  • carbon-composite chassis braces front/rear
  • carbon-composite clutch-housing and center diff holder
  • carbon-composite steering-mechanism and servo-saver
  • short Ackermann-link
  • ventilated brake-disks made from high strength spring steel
  • ultra-longlife phosphorous brake pads
  • active limited slip differential with 90°ramps front/center/rear
  • arms and rod ends made from durable rubber reinforced plastics
  • “cool down” airflow-set for engine and exhaust system
  • gearing: 9,14 (21/64)
  • ball raced 3,5mm anti rollbars
  • R-body, unpainted
  • precut decal sheet
  • 180mm Micro Stud Ultra Grip tyres, blue-spot
  • instruction manual


M00513002 Race Runner 5 Factory Team EC13 "Limited"    
  • everything from the above list and the following items
  • Max Torque Baracuda G-exhaust
  • additional shock set (4 pieces, complete incl. boots)
  • long Ackermann-link
  • 1 Set unlocking pads for the diffs
  • 1 Set 120° ramps for the diffs
  • 20T pinion
  • 62T spur gear
  • additional set of diff-outdrive rubber boots
  • 1 complete set (4pcs.) of hard shock springs
  • 1 complete set (4pcs.) of 3mm anti-rollbars
  • 1 complete set of adjustment shims to alter the whole suspension geometry (caster, toe, anti-squat, kickup…)

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