CUBE BL Modified Competition

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R01220 Robitronic Cube Brushless Speedo Ver. 1.2

Robitronic’s all new CUBE BL Modified Competition raises the bar for highly competitive brushless racing classes, boasting unprecedented throttle and brake control together with great current handling capabilities in a small sized package.
The CUBE’s impressive specs stem from it’s state-of-the-art power mosfets on a cutting edge pcb-design that takes its power handling straight up to what is technically feasible, driving even the hottest motors with minimal effort. A high-flow fan on top of the CUBE’s heat sink only kicks in when needed, keeping temperatures low till the final second of every heat.
Additionally, a specially developed boot loader lets the user update the CUBE’s firmware on his own, and the 6 integrated LEDs make the setup process a breeze!

Highlight Features

  • The most current PowerFET technology provides the lowest internal resistance possible.
  • The Cube’s special pcb-design ensures that there is the maximum amount of copper available to where it’s needed.
  • 10 optimized power-profiles: formulated and proven by world class drivers.
  • Sensitively adjustable auto-brake
  • Turn off the Cube with your transmitter from the drivers’ stand if needed.
  • External setup button with a pc-interface plug.
  • Self-updating firmware thanks to an integrated boot loader
  • Temperature-controlled high-flow fan.
  • Optimized cooling fins keep the Cube cool.
  • A big powercap provides maximum punch.

Software Update:

  • Reverse mode (new)
  • Autoroll (new)
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Autobrake
  • 0 Boost (Timing 0) (LED blinks)

Technical Data:

Input voltage (Nixx): 4-7 cells (4.8-8.4 V)
Input voltage (Lipo): 1-2 cells (3.7-7.4 V)
Dimensions: 28x33x27,5 mm
Motor limit: 3T Star
Weight (without cables): 26g
B.E.C. voltage: 5.8 V
B.E.C. max. current: 3.0 A
Power programs:
You can get a SW Update for free, if you send us your BL Cube!
Shipping has to be paid fom you.

Item No.: R01220

Optional Part RS147

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