Brandnew Scale models and more - the latest TFL catalogue

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TFL Racing Catalogue 2017 - Brandnew Scale models and more

Competitive and hobby drivers highly value the popular TFL Scale products which come in numerous designs.

All TFL Crawlers share a precise and high quality manufacturing as well as an exquisite choice of material. Doubtless, every Scale driver will find his desired chassis.

TFL Racing - Quality Scale and Trial vehicles

The recent TFL catalogue - available online and for download - illustrates not only the full range of the latest scale shells but also complete kits as well as suitable und useful equipment. From winches and hooks to tires and wheels… scale drivers will find everything their heart desires.

It doesn't matter whether mid- or front-engine or exclusive models suited for the installation of scale shells like LC70 or D90. Also, there are various complete kits with shells available.

The exceptional TC1508 chassis is made of steel tube frame and hand laminated fiberglass body. The brandnew TFL T-11 Pro Crawler chassis is spot-on for ambitious competitive drivers.

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