RR5 Brushless Conversion Set

Exactly the right thing for all electric junkies.

with these conversion set you adapt a gasoline powerd Race Runner 5 into a electric brushless powered race mashine!

MCD RR5 Electric Conversion

RR5 Electric Conversion

The conversion is very easy and done in just a few minutes. It will not take longer than 10-15 minutes to have a electric car instead of an gasoline one. Because you just have to take out the fuel tank, gasoline engine and the pipe and you can already start assembling the electric kit.

Based on the used equipment for the electronics the RR5 becomes a weapon. The Torque you will get with a Brushless engine in not longer fun, it is more than this but you should know what you are doing!

The set contains everything you need to change the mechanism into electric drive.

  • A complex motor mount from Alloy
  • Adapter shaft for the engine pinion
  • Batterie mount and Velcro straps
  • Screws and other small parts