KO PROPO EX-10 Eurus

EX-10 Eurus

2.4GHz allows for the potential to maximizethe speed of communication. This is the Eurus' imposed mission. This system begins with DDS, and then the steering and trigger maturation of advanced materials conveys the maximum possible fine fingertip control. The new weapon converges its power.

KO's 3D Trigger Innovation
3D Adjustable Trigger

Newly designed 3D trigger allows for moving the brake trigger. Fingers of different sizes and operation are supported by the ideas from KO.

Flat Sponge Steering

A thin flat sponge is mounted on the large-diameter steering wheel. This allows for better grip and ease. The improved handling of the steering wheel gives fit to a variety of styles.

D.D.S. Corresponding
Receiver KR-409S

DDS KR-409S uses the traditional size and weight and comes compatible. Reasonably will fit in a wide range of chassis’.
EX-10 Eurus

Direct Digital System

The EX-10 Eurus and RF-902S system is an all-digital communication signal process. The new system employs high-quality communication by removing the data and time loss due to digital to analog conversion. The result is 300% better response when compared to a conventional system. Putting you in control as you imagined it to be.


Setting Module Support

ICS settings can be performed through the module pack as the multi setting adapter. The Eurus body, PDS series of servos and VFS series of ESC can be set up. (Optional card required. #61007, #61008, #61017, #61021) The Eurus body automatically displays the corresponding menu module that is attached through its intelligent identification.*D.D.S. (using RF-902S) requires the use of digital servos.



Transmitter : KT-409H
Operating system : steering wheel & throttle trigger
Number of channels : 4
Transmit frequency band : entire frequency band (using high frequency module)
Neutral pulse : 1.5mSec
Power source : R6/AA/UM3 battery x 8, or 8 cell battery pack
Current consumption : approx. 80mAh (excl. high frequency band)

Verfügbare Versionen:

Artikel: KO80411 - EX-10 Euros 2,4GHz FH-SS Set
Artikel: KO80412 - EX-10 Euros 2,4GHz Mini-Z / dnano Modul

Receivers compatible table

Modul / Radio
KR-411FH KR-211FH KR-212FHG KR-413FH
RF-902S - - - -
RF-901S - - - -
EX-5UR - - - -
Note:     required
4ch System