MCD RR5 Factory Team EC13 - Release

The long wait is finally over, the RR5 EC’13 is here! When will you be able to purchase this racing machine? At which price? And which extras will be included? Here are your answers!

First things first: The MCD RR5 Factory Team EC’13 will be available in a LIMITED EDITION of 100 car kits for preorder. Preordered kits will leave MCD’s factory on ...

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Invictus 10MT RTR - 4WD Monster Truck

Here at Helion we have compiled some of the greatest minds in the RC industry to work for our customers to deliver on a promise of performance and value never before seen in RC.  The passion you the customer has shown us has allowed our Helion product line to continue to grow every year. Now we're giving you something you've wanted but didn't know how to ask for. How did we do that you ask? We did this by upping the ante on excitement, speed, and performance with the Invictus 10 MT Monster Truck.  With an unprecedented set of features, performance, and value, the Helion Invictus 10MT is the next generation of 4x4 1/10th scale Monster Trucks.

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Air planes for everybody - Gamma

With the Gamma 370 and the Gamma 370 PRO, Ares caters for the needs of both, first-time pilots and experienced pilots who want to enjoy acrobatic flight and performance!

The Ares Gamma 370 offers a combination of stability and durability perfect for first time pilots while also delivering smooth and capable flight performance experienced sport flyers will enjoy. The advanced EPO foam airframe design is lightweight, durable, easy to repair, and also arrives factory assembled and nearly ready-to-fly within minutes of opening the box.

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Small jesters for the skies

Or rather: Robitronic’s new line-up takes off! With ARES and IFT, we’ve brought along two renowned US-brands to our ever growing product line-up.

For Europe, we’re carrying 4 different models: two different helicopters, an aircraft and a quadcopter which especially appeal to the hobby-pilot who wants to have a quick flight during lunch break or seeks for an easy entrance to the exciting world of rc-flight.

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MCD RR5 1/5 4WD Buggy - Part 2

The evolution of a race machine...the MCD RR5!

The RR5, built from scratch, is the intersection point of the core values that have created our brand. Aimed at our enthusiasts, RR5 is a supreme race machine which embraces advanced solutions that came out of the profound observations and analysis of the races.

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